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I am fortunate to have led and been led, to teach and to learn, and to succeed and fail across the spectrum of leadership environments--from academia and business to the military and volunteerism.

I never had the catalyst to package all of those experiences and learning points into a single, cohesive vehicle to share with others until 2014. A leadership failure during a week of volunteering ignited the ambition to completely change the way we teach others to be effective leaders. A recent comment from a student at Tacoma Community College summarizes this ideally:

"Most leadership keynotes are just motivational speakers who sometimes mention leadership; this was the first presentation where I was actually moved to take notes so I wouldn't miss anything" TCC Student, 1/18/18

How exactly are we different? Rather than sharing stories of leadership success with the suggestion that "you do it this way too"; The Leadership Coalition is based on the Leadership Toolbox: with no tool or leadership style being the right answer all of the time; in fact, the experienced leader should be able to assess which style to employ based on the leader's own strengths, but also the goal, organizational culture and follower-ship style of those being led. 

How is this accomplished? In short: some baseline instruction; add to that tailored exercises both individually and in groups; and finally, learning through play. This curriculum is engaging, fun, and gets results!

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