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A lifelong student of leadership —both literally and figuratively— Shawn, as a Masters candidate in Management and Leadership, and having succeeded and failed across the spectrum of leadership environments, from business and the military to academia and volunteerism, has curated a leadership curriculum which is fun, engaging and impactful, and achieves results!

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  • Flagship Keynote Presentation: “KINDNESS in LEADERSHIP”
    Infused with both humor and real-life examples of service to others, sharing our most precious gift of engagement with others is the powerful call-to-action; while the Japanese art of Origami provides the unique takeaway.

  • Team-Building & Leadership Training
    Via hands-on projects and exercises, this modularized leadership curriculum is fully customizable to your organization’s identified learning objectives.

  • Forum/Panel Member/Moderator, Luncheon/Conference Emcee

KEYNOTE and Workshop engagements

If your company is seeking opportunities to grow, your nonprofit board is continually tasked with accomplishing more with less, or your student group seeks to benefit from that ultimate force-multiplier, leadership, Shawn is poised to engage and empower your organization with a transparent connectedness and humor-infused delivery, enabling his sharing of personal experiences to resonate and provide a relatability regarding what is required to serve as a leader.

  • US Base Bagram, Afghanistan, and US Navy Reserve Region Northwest

  • Citizen Corps Leadership Summit and Partners in Preparedness Conference

  • Central Washington University

  • DECA Regional Leadership Conference and DECA Area Conferences

  • Civil Air Patrol, Youth Aerospace Program, Washington Business Week, Junior Achievement of Washington, Seattle Parks & Recreation

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